Singapore Hawker Food : Beef Noodles

Aren’t U Hungry 😋?



@ Blk 203 Kopi shop Hougang street 21, for my all timed favourite : Beef noodles (dry/ soup version) stall : Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow.

Ordered my soup version @ $5, specially request of sliced beef 🥩 & beef balls ⚽️ and white noodles 🍝 . Though, I may disliked eating the spare parts like stomach, tendon - which has high amount of collagen etc, I do recognized the health benefits ...

What’s so good 😊?

It’s soup based of Beef bones/ tendons/ stomach that had been stewed over slow fire 🔥 of at least 6-8hrs ...

The taste of slice beef 🥩 was so tender and bite off easily. Coupled with the chilies 🌶 with “chinchalok” fermented small shrimps mixed with cocktail of solution for its “superb taste from Malacca, mixed with cut onions🧅 which shall emit that ohm great taste !

That’s been their signature sauces - my favourite ! 😃

You may even ask the young adult chef to do 50% cook of the beef 🥩, if u may like. Simply make your request least the Q stretches ... be prepared for at least 15mins of Q time during peak hours !

U may request for replenishment of the soup 🥣! DIY to the stall, tell the assistants. Simply Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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