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Whether you are travelling on the road to success or have arrived at your destination, it is
about the ability to afford more- the ability to own a higher quality home, drive a prestigious car, wine and dine at acclaimed places, dress in the latest fashion, stay at the best hotels and resorts, enjoy access to private banks, grow your wealth globally, have addresses in different cities, join the jet set crowd, and experience bespoke products and services delivered with great skill and personalised care.

While we enjoy the finer things in life, we also remember others less fortunate. Affluence includes lending a helping hand to those who fall behind.

This is Affluent Society.

Welcome to your lifestyle.


Affluent Society is a division of Platinum Circle, a leading global business group comprising more than 90 governments and inter-governmental organisations and 1,800 major corporations from Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. 


We address the lifestyle needs of the Platinum Circle and Affluent Society Community including our business owners, executives, professionals, diplomats, socialites, philanthropists and the young rich. We provide them with interesting and often rare insights to happenings globally and in their cities. Apart from our signature
content and experiences, we plug our readers directly into an affluent community globally and contributors who share their lifestyle. 


For the broader affluent segment globally, we serve as the essential guide to the affluent lifestyle for people who already enjoy the finer things in life and those who aspire to the lifestyle.

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