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Top 3 UK Cities for Christmas Markets

The beauty of living in the UK, with close proximity to Europe, is the choice of places to visit around Christmas time. Here is my personal top 3 favourites must-visit cities during the festive season:

1. Edinburgh

Besides being one of my favourite UK cities, Edinburgh holds a lively Christmas market on East Princes Street Garden and George Street. Filled with German-style wooden stalls, a variety of food options and homemade gifts by local businesses. Do stay for the Hogmanay too! This is a yearly event on NYE which includes concerts, merriment and group singalong to Auld Lang Syne.

2. York

This small quaint historic city, filled with cobblestones, is a stark change from the larger UK cities. Held in Parliament Street, St. Sampson and Coppergate, York offers a variety of food, craft and drink stalls as well as cosy tipis to have warm mulled wine, great to have on a cold winter day!

3. London

As one would expect, London holds numerous Christmas markets, some locations (from memory) include: Hyde Park, Leicester Square, Southbank, and Greenwich. Each of these markets contain again a wide variety of food, drinks and craft stalls as well as numerous carousels and fun fair-shops.

I've included a photo of Edinburgh's Christmas Markets from 2019, fingers crossed these will happen again in 2021!


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