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Sydney Food Cravings: Valet

Where food is art!

38 Arthur St, Cabramatta NSW

Open Mon-Sun 9am-10pm

Beach Balls

It was a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon when we stood waiting in a queue to get inside the trendy new café, Valet in Cabramatta, in southwest Sydney. The location is an interesting choice in itself. Cabramatta, with a major Vietnamese population is best known for its delicious hawker style cafes serving mouth-watering Pho and Banh mi. Fresh fruit and vegetable markets, bubble tea stalls and stores selling fresh sugarcane juice line the narrow, crowded streets. The atmosphere is buzzing with activity. Cabramatta never stops to rest.

Amidst the chaos lies Valet, almost like a fish out of water. The mauve and grey colour scheme, eclectic décor and plush velvet backed chairs lends an air of elegance to this café that is popular among families and Instagrammers alike.

Steak and Butter Fried Mushroom

Valet serves modern Pan-Asian cuisine with a theatrical flair. Each dish is colourful, intricately plated and a treat to the eye and the senses. Did I mention Instagram-worthy?

Let’s come to the food. You’ll need to spend a good fifteen minutes perusing the menu and feasting your eyes on the photos of the beautifully presented dishes. So many choices! Best to come in a large group so you can share and taste a variety of their dishes.

For starters, the Chicken Poppers with the yummy goodness of the Kewpie mayonnaise is a must! This is a great choice as a standalone meal for the little ones. Sadly, there is no kids’ menu.

Chicken Poppers

The Steak and Cheese Baked Eggs with sourdough is another must try! The kick from the Japanese Udon with Tiger King Prawns and homemade XO sauce and the Singapore Chilli Crab loaded fries with brioche bun is perfect for those cold days (or nights!) when you want to savour some comfort food. For salmon lovers, the crunchy Salmon rice ball salad is a heaven for your discerning taste buds. For a delightfully delicious vegetarian option, try the Croque Madame - butter fried mushrooms, toasted brioche, bechamel and fried egg.

Japanese Udon with Tiger King prawns

Did someone say dessert? You can’t come to Valet and not try their delectable, too-pretty-to-eat creations! The colourful Beach Balls - sweet Potato donut balls with butterfly pea custard is unlike anything you have seen or tasted! You’ll be forgiven for thinking it more as an artwork than food!

You think you know your Crème brulee? Not after you’ve tried the Toasted Brioche Crème Brulee topped with Vanilla bean ice cream. Simply heaven.

Toasted Brioche Creme Brulee with Vanilla Bean ice cream

If you like your drinks fruity and colourful, or even if you don’t, do try the Watermelon and Lychee Fruit tea and the Passion fruit, Lime and Mint fruit tea. Refreshing after the all-consuming lunch!

Watermelon & Lychee Fruit tea and Passion fruit, Lime & Mint Fruit tea

So brave the crowds and the chaos and head over to Valet for an afternoon (or evening) filled with art, colour and creativity.

Passion fruit, Lime and Mint Fruit tea

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