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Sydney Food Cravings: Mecca

Sydneysiders' favourite pick-me-up at Mecca

67 King St, Sydney NSW 2000

Mon-Fri 6 am to 3 pm

26 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015

Mon- Sun 7.30 am to 3 pm

Sydneysiders love their coffee. That is a fact. We are snobbish about our taste for our daily pick-me-ups and nothing short of the best would do. Self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs, that’s what we are. Once, a friend had vehemently opposed the idea that ‘Starbucks makes quality coffee’. We like our 'hole in the wall', hipster, boutique style cafes; no multinational chains for us, thank you. We support our independently owned cafes and we form unique relationships with our favourite baristas, so much so that they know our preference even before we have placed our order. “The usual?” they ask. “Yes, thank you”, most of us reply. There is also quite an animated rivalry between two of Australia’s metropolitan cities, Sydney and Melbourne regarding who has the best coffee. That is an ongoing debate and one unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Or ever.

Warehouse style interiors at Mecca Alexandria

Flat white, the smooth, frothy, white coffee is a distinctly Aussie invention; so is the babycino aka cappuccinos for children. Kids drinking coffee, you say? Nope, just frothy milk with a touch of chocolate. A welcome excuse for exhausted parents taking some time out of their stressful lives to enjoy a cup of the liquid gold but of course, not wanting to make the kids feel left out. We like them to start early, you see!

Converted warehouse space. Mecca Alexandria

Our love of coffee dates back to the 1930s, when the Italians introduced espresso to their Australian neighbours. The coffee culture flourished after WWII when the new rise of European immigrants introduced the different types of coffee as we know it today.

Portuguese Tart. Mecca Alexandria

One such great establishment with a loyal following is Mecca.

Mecca has been roasting and serving coffee to Sydneysiders since 2004. Initially from their Sydney CBD café and more recently, from their trendy, warehouse style café in Alexandria. Mecca roasts and brews their own coffee and their specialty coffee beans are also available for sale in their stores as well as on their website.

Pain au chocolat. Mecca Alexandria

Mecca offers lunch on the go for the busy office-goers in Sydney CBD and boasts a hipster style brunch menu in Alexandria. However, it is the coffee that steals the show every time. Beautifully roasted, smooth and with a distinct nutty flavour, the coffee is par excellence.

And if our coffee is that good, well, you’ll forgive us our snobbery, won’t you?

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