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Singapore Hawker Food : Ya Kun Kaya Toast Bread, Half Boiled Eggs & Kopi

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Ya Kun Kaya Toast CoffeeShop, 18 China Street, part of Far East Square.

Ordered the “A” set of Toasted Kaya bread x 4 pcs ; 2 half boiled eggs ; 1 Kopi siew tai @ $4.80.


Story of Ya Kun

It’s Pioneer : Mr Loi Ah Koon came to Singapore at the mere age of 15 years old, from a far ... Hainan Island. (Where my late parents originated from ...)

Through hard work, diligence and ingenuity, working as assistant to a Hainanese coffee shop and eventually saved enough to partner his friends to open his own Coffeeshop at then Telok Ayer Basin then to starting his own , then to Lau Pa Sat then eventually settled down at this Flagship Shop at China Street.

Ah Koon’s family made their own homemade kaya (a local spread of egg and coconut) to go with their toast. Their bread toasted per Old School way - Charcoal fire 🔥 in the pit ... he even roasted his own coffee. He bought coffee beans, added 'Planta' margarine and sugar and roasted these over firewood at the back of this stall. That’s the resourcefulness and ingenuity of Pioneer ! 😮 🤩

The name 'Ya Kun' being the hanyu pinyin equivalent of 'Ah Koon'.

Now, one of his sons : Adrin Loi runs the company (2G), it’s a family run business. I believed 3G have been groom to take over soon ... in the years ahead ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍


As a corporation :


To establish Ya Kun as a household name in Singapore and Asia, offering delectable kaya toast and other complementary traditional food and beverages to one and all.


Ya Kun strives to:

* Preserve its unique & rich heritage established since 1944

* Perpetuate its belief that a good toast can bind kinship, friendship & partnership

* Persevere in achieving its twin objectives of affordability & availability of its products

* Pursue excellence in its customer service

* Position itself at the forefront of innovation for product development


As I waited for my eggs 🥚 🥚, pre-cooked and added hot water to seemingly “half boiled” it then brewed my Kopi from the ready made brew metal pot with the high nose tip and poured into the Old School ceramic cup. (That’s my favourite!) as it can literally keep warm the coffee for slightly longer duration...

Brought to the table, photo eats 1st then sipping my piping brewed 🔥 coffee ☕️, so aromatic and fragrance that always warmed my heart ❤️, as I researched this article ... followed by the half boiled eggs 🥚 🥚, cracked into the plate when he served me but DIY the dark sauce and pepper on the spot corner.

It’s charcoal toasted bread so Old School and traditional as b4, always pleasing to my nose and with Kaya and butter spread on each side ; always so crunchy at the outside and buttery and sweety with the Kaya at the inside ... my family’s favourite place to go whenever my wife crave for Nanyang Kopi during weekends ...

This Ya Kun stall at China Street always remained our de-facto all-timed pak-tor to family’ favourite hang out place but had since relegated to adhoc-ly over the many years now ...

As I completed this article, it’s time for me to continue my driving till evening before next break kicks in ...

As Always ... it’s Ya Kun Kaya Toast bread with Coffee and half boiled eggs ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!

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