Singapore Hawker Food: Wanton Mee or Wonton Noodles

Singapore hawker style Wanton Mee or Wonton Noodles

What happens when you crave a specific cultural food but you're stuck in another country with no availability or you have no access due to the lockdown? That's me in Melbourne with the Singapore Wanton Mee or Wonton Noodles.

The only available option was to create the dish myself.

Handmade wanton or wonton

For readers and foodies who are unfamiliar with this dish, it is a popular noodle dish of Chinese origin in several Asian countries including Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It is served in a soup and dry version and has been adapted to the local palate in all 5 countries.

Homemade barbeque pork or Char Siu

The Singapore version found commonly in hawker centres around the island is a combination 4 key ingredients - thin curly yellow egg noodles, boiled pork and shrimp dumplings, barbequed pork or "Char Siu" and green leafy vegetable called "Chye Sim / Caixin / Choy Sum". The noodles are served dry with a flavoursome and oily sauce.

Singapore hawker style Wanton Mee or Wonton Noodles

"Wonton Mee" is so famous in Singapore that it is the title of a 2016 Singapore-made film screened at Berlin International Film Festival!

The above photos are my attempt to recreate this Singapore hawker dish without an original recipe and purely from memory of observing how hawkers made it. Hope it makes the cut.


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