Singapore Hawker Food : Vadai (Indian Fritters)

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@ Golden Mile FC, 505 Beach Road.

Stall : The Vadai Shop #B1-32.

Ordered 1 pc each of Prawn 🦐; Ikan Bilis & Vegetables @ Total : $2.90

What’s so good 😊?

As I crossed to the opposite side after a sumptuous Tim Sum, I decided to go around this Golden Mile Food Centre to snap up photos of desirables Hawker stalls here - about 43 of them, I reckoned that I may have to camp here for next 20days to consume my lunch and dinner @ this most desirables Hawker Centre ever (for now! ) ... 😮 🤩🤣

I shared that inside #AUHFoodTrail WhatsApp group, if U desire to join us, go no where except the ☝️... 😆

As I rested and start on next article in front of The Vadai Shop, I vividly remembered I used to go to Pasar malam (aka Make Shift Night Market) especially at Geylang Serai during their Hari Raya festival season ... 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

Er 😐 What is Vadai ?

Vada is a category of savoury fried snacks from India. Different types of vadas can be described variously as fritters, cutlets, doughnuts, or dumplings. Alternative names for this food include wada, vade, vadai, wadeh and bara. (Extracted from Internet)

I missed those days where U can walk freely w/o mask 😷, eat and walk at the same time with hundreds of make shift stalls on all sides of the roads ... 😮 🤩

Well, this Vadai stall always captured my attention as it’s typically sold for $1.00 ... 😮

Here, it is @ Beach Road, they had found a permanent home - Family run hawker stall now ! With their children helming the stalls and equipped with food deliveries platform too !

I bought 3 types to share :

1. Prawn 🦐 fritters - Crunchy and crispy singular prawn 🦐 moulded onto the fritter, fried brownish colour, puffy at the inside with its nice smoothing texture, not oily as it has been drained and dry. The spicy and herbs 🌿 pretty pronounced and I am lovin ❤️ it ! ⭐️

2. Ikan Bilis fritters - similarly crunchy and crispy outside and fluffy at the inside and the batter mixed tasted different too !⭐️

3. Vegetables - bits of vegetables eaten and pretty puffy on the inside and I paired it with the green chillies 🌶 given and the spiciness level shot up immediately to 4 out of 5 ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️

Their 3 raw green chillies 🌶 🌶 🌶 blended well with all their handmade 🖐 🤚 and hand crafted battered fritters, as u may know eating raw chillies is nutritional too !

I am sold yet again to this desirables stall and many others too @ Golden Mile FC, looking forward to our next #AUHFoodTrail next Wednesday, just immediately after our 20/10 date too ! but here for our sumptuous lunch ...

Added the stall into my library 📚!

As Always ... It’s Vadai (Prawn, Ikan Bilis and Vegetables Fritters) Yummily 😋 Great 👍!

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