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Singapore Hawker Food : Teochew Porridge w/ ala-carte dishes

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Blk 16 Bedok South Food Centre.

Stall : Bedok South Teochew Porridge #01-63.

Ordered our all-timed favourite Teochew Porridge ala-carte dishes + 3 bowls of plain porridge @ $14.50.

What’s so good 😊?

As it’s raining cats 🐈 & dogs 🐶 in the morning, with my wife, we have decided to have Teochew porridge at our home turf @ blk 16 Bedok South FC.

This stall sells our favourite homely authentic Teochew ala-carte freshly cooked dishes ... it’s repertoire comprises: lovely Teochew styled cooking of freshly steamed fish slab or whole fish, garnished with finely cut ginger slices, preserved vegetables, tomatoes 🍅 slices, cut chillies, spring onions and light soy sauce on top ... amongst the many sought after dishes. 😮 🤩

My other ala-carte dishes : minced meat ball, well marinated with garlics, water chestnut, preserved chai pok, with lean and fat minced pork meat, added with corn flour and handcrafted 🖐 🤚 into a ball of palm sized of a child and steamed well; fried chai pok omelette, steamed fish cake 🍥; fried sweet potatoes plant 🌱w/ balachan chillies 🌶 ; fried brinjal 🍆 with shrimps + 1 bowl of plain porridge for wife and 2 bowls of plain porridge 🥣 for me ! 😮 🤩

DIY saucers of : Spicy Balachan chillies 🌶 and preserved soya bean as condiment, pairing well with the dishes and for our Teochew porridge 🥣; that’s part of the soul food ! 😮

We simply loved piping hot 🔥 Teochew porridge especially in these cold weather of raining ☔️ as it shall keep us warm and of course, it warmed our hearts too !

As Always ... Teochew Porridge ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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