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Singapore Hawker Food : Soya Sauce Chicken & Roasted Char Siew

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Chinatown Complex & Food Centre, 335 Smith Street. Stall : Hawker Chan #02-126 (aka Liao Fan Hawker Chan or simply Ah Chan)

Ordered my combo of Soya Sauce Chicken 🐓 drumstick🍗 and Roasted Char Siew 🥩 w/ half bowl of rice 🍚 @ $5.50

What’s so good 😊?

After 5 months, I revisited the stall again to make a point that Ah CHAN’s Soya Sauce Chicken still deserves its right of place for its Michelin 1 Star ⭐️ rating.

Just after 10mins of Q, my turn came and pleasantly surprised that their repertoire products offering had increased with addition of Hor Fun (Kway Teow - white flat noodles )🍝 , plus vegetables though yet to see the braised duck 🦆 as yet !

Of all the many stalls outlet and overseas ASEAN footprint Ah Chan has set his sight upon and established, I still liked the

original stall here, as it’s retained for its humble start and as a part of nostalgic history.

This is the only stall that cooks the original dish on the spot and therefore retained its daily freshness, originality and as early as 10 years ago, it was just another hawker stall set up and I had literally see it grow leaps and bound ...

Then, the price of soya sauce chicken rice was merely $2/ $2.50 for drumstick 🍗, my all-timed favourite and pairing with its spicy 🌶 chillies sauce.

It’s signature : soya sauce chicken 🐓 drumstick 🍗 revealed the texture of the glossy silky chicken skin so tastefully ✅ brown in colour and sweeten and it’s tenderised soft, warm chicken meat 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍. Still as consistent as 10 years ago ...

Next, bite into the roasted char siew thickly cut from pork belly as I always love ❤️ to eat part lean meat and part fat, that’s the beauty of Char siew, sweet & caramelised and charred at ends, it’s fat simply melt in your mouth. It’s always so succulent and juicy ! 😮 🤩 👍

Above all, It’s Ah Chan : combo of Soya Sauce Chicken and Roasted Char Siew ...Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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