Singapore Hawker Food : Oyster Cake

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@ Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street. Stall: Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake #01-05.

Bought 1 pc of the famed Fuzhou Oyster 🦪 Cake @ $2.00 takeaway.

What’s so good 😊?

Started by Madam Pang in 1962 at Tras street before eventually settled down at Maxwell FC. Raising single-handedly 5 children... 😮 just by selling Oyster 🦪 Cake ! That’s amazing! Now, helmed by 2/3 Generation, selling @ $2.00 a piece with a good backing of almost 60 years history. To me ... it’s a heritage worth preserving, of course keeping tradition w/ a forward twist, to cater for younger crowd ...

As I watched a distance how they deep Fried this amazing Fuzhou delicacy as back there @ Fuzhou, Oysters 🦪 is aplenty and Oyster cake is just 2nd nature of food to them, in fact making everyday makes U specialised in it !

As I brought to my table to eat; as usual photo eats 1st but taking photography is NOT good enough for closed food 🥘... Henceforth, I just loved to dissect it ... 😮 🤩

Their X-Factors :

1. Made fresh daily, good batter mixture is crucial, an akin to part of the soul of this delectable snack, as I called it ! Scooping 1/2 of their batter mixed on the ladle scoop, add key ingredients (below) then filled up the top for balance batter then sprinkle some peanuts 🥜 on top of it for the crunchiness, b4 sipping into deep Fried for a few minutes and flipping regularly to ensure good brownish colour !

2. It’s ingredients : Marinated Fine Minced Meat w/ chives; add prawns 🍤 then the star : Oyster 🦪!

3. It’s batter blended with ingredients giving the unique taste of QQ-ness derived from the cooked Oyster and prawn after deep fried; smooth texture of the fritters; it’s juicy meaty fine minced. Crispy at the outside; soft inside.

4. Imagine pairing with good vinegar infused chillies 🌶 shall bring the delectable snack to one level up !

With that Old School Taste of Fuzhou Oyster Cake, it shall left to be seen as to how to get going to path forward, to make further in-roads, rather to just relying on single product for sustainable growth. Key Innovation and repackaging shall be it ... 😮 🤩

As Always, the Fuzhou’s Oyster 🦪 Cake ! Yummily 😋 Great 👍!

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