Singapore Hawker Food : Nasi Padang

Are U Hungry 😋? +Original+

@ Rumah Makan Minang House, 18 & 18A Kandahar Street.

Ordered my Nasi Padang of ala-carte dishes w/ rice & Teh Tarik Halia @ $9.00.

What’s so good 😊?

Established in 1954, now running a multi-generational restaurant specializing in Halal Indonesian Minangbakabau cuisine, namely Nasi Padang, Beef Rendang And many more ...

Located at the heart of Malay Heritage district, just next to the Sultan Mosque.

It’s the smell of food that allured me to this restaurant here. As I was in the Q, I happily snapped their repertoire of Inspired Nasi Padang cuisine and kueh kuehs... 😮 🤩

As usual, I ordered my all-timed favourite : Beef Rendang, sunny egg, Lemak vegetable, mashed potatoes ...

Upon received my plate and paid... I sat on the table nearest and as usual photo eats 1st.

It’s Beef Rendang rendition, succulent, moist, tenderised beef that tears easily, stewed over slow charcoal fire 🔥 this retaining its great spiciness intense