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Singapore Hawker Food : Murtabak

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Zam Zam Restaurant, 697-699 North Bridge Road.

Ordered Beef Murtabak @ $5.00 & Teh Tarik Halia @ $1.50.

What’s so good 😊?

With an establishment of more than 100 years in history since 1908, Zam Zam is an Indian-Muslim restaurant spanning 2 levels in an expanded shop houses along North Bridge Road, just opposite to Arab Street/ Kampong Glam area.

Open 7 days week, from early morning to past mid-night, this restaurant’s food repertoire goes aplenty like Nasi Biryani of your choice from Mutton, Beef, Chicken to Fish ; Mee Goreng or ala-carte dishes; it’s famed Murtabak, Roti Prata and many Muslim cuisine too !

When I received my plate of Beef Murtabak, which is actually 2 pieces of plain Roti Prata dough made into one, with generous cut onions 🧅 and Beef bits thrown in, with eggs to ensure all ingredients bind together as one piece. Then cut into smaller pieces for ease of eating it. 😮 🤩

Served with intense flavour of mutton curries or fish curries (U may request), spiciness at level 3; another side dish added free, is the cucumber 🥒 with overflowing tomatoes 🍅 sauce, to soothe U if it’s overly spicy for U. 😮 🤩

It’s on the spot cooking of Murtabak always endeared me with fresh dough, onions and meat and it’s definitely filled my appetite greatly ! 🤩

Since young, I have grown to accustom to the different ethnic race, their Heritage food & culture + languages in our multi-racial society/ community ... I have grown to be tolerate, appreciative & accommodative to everyone ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

It’s Murtabak ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!



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