Singapore Hawker Food : Mixed Grill

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@ Blk 467 North Bridge Road, Coffeeshop. Stall : Happy Chef Western Food (East Meet West Cuisine)

My lady friend, Ms Ocean gave me a treat as we were having business discussion...

She had told me that she loves the Mixed Grilled @ $11.00. Ordered 2 sets.

What’s so good 😊?

This stall used to be @ blk 466 for >10yrs (just next to the Michelin ⭐️: Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle stall) but had since relocated to blk 467 for 6 months now ... 😮

I had eaten from this stall some years ago and it’s great to be back at the new location to savour their western food again !

After 15mins of waiting, our orders came and the food plating looked great and appealing but I managed to enhance it better ... as usual, photo must eats 1st ! 😮 🤩

The humongous plate comprises 3 different steaks of : right to left - chicken 🐓 chop; lamb steak with bone 🍖 and pork chop, all 3 meat types has my palm sized ! 😮

Ms Ocean : It’s really valued for monies !

Me : Yeah, indeed ... U can finish or not ?

Ms Ocean : Maybe ... how about U ?

Me : Sure ! I am a meat eater... ok ; I had consumed pork satay for my lunch earlier and 2 hrs later ... here for the mixed grilled ! 😮 🤩

My impression of the 3 meats :

1. It’s chicken chop - well done 👍 and salted to taste and it’s sauce great ! The colour looked 👀 appetising !

2. It’s lamb steak 🥩- well done 👍 and lesser smell of lamb. but a little salty but still alright, easy to bite off and little fat but boney 🦴, your knife 🔪 come in nicely to slice and cut !

3. Next, pork chop - tasted great and favourably great too !👍

It’s side dishes of : coleslaw not too sweet and home made good ! And it’s sunny egg 🍳 nice but 3/4 cooked, while it’s garlic bread 🥖 a little turned cold, crispy @ outside but hard with garlic butter spread. 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

As it’s my 1st time, eating mixed grilled with 3 type of meat 🥩. Overall, great taste, nice flavouring and pretty good value for monies 💰 ! 😮 🤩

Looking at their repertoire menu ... U got 28 choices to make, can invite a whole platoon here to savoury their western food and be spoilt for choices ! 🤣

Ideal setting for family dine-in and friends’ social gathering over lunch/ dinner. See below contact for takeaway/ reservation dependent on Coffeeshop limited seating capacity. 🤩 ⭐️

It’s Mixed Grilled ... living upto to its unique name of “Happy Chef 👨‍🍳= Happy Food 🥘” ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!

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