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Singapore Hawker Food : Mee Siam

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Tekka Food Centre, 665 Buffalo road.

Stall : Grandma Mee Siam #01-311

Ordered my Mee Siam (Mee + Bee Hoon) @ $2.50/ plate.

(Off days on Tuesday & Wednesday)

Operation hours : 7:30am to 4:00pm whilst stock last.

What’s so good ?

This brightly lit stall bearing its signage - Grandma Mee Siam, unassuming but rich heritage to share ... 😮

It’s been my 6 times attempts to come since 2 weeks ago and finally luck 🍀 on my side today, to savour this amazing Mee Siam (combo of Mee + Bee Hoon). 🤩

Mdm Lim, the 3rd Generation stall owner shared her story... she is 65 years old, started helping her Grandmother (Ah Ma) to sell Mee Siam since she’s 8 years old while her mum cooks at home from their village then, and whenever she cooks then, the strong aromatic fragrance of spiciness chillies 🌶& the Assam based gravy, shall awaken all the village people ... 😮 knowing well that Mee Siam is now cooking and coming ! 😮 😓

Why Mee in Mee Siam ?

Mee Siam (both Mee or Bee Hoon or combo) was sold at just $0.10 in those olden days and people asked for Mee (noodles) as it can filled up stomach more than Bee Hoon and for its noodles taste and differing texture as compared to Bee Hoon and as they said the rest is history ... 😮

That tradition of literally Mee in Mee Siam taken off till todate, as she proudly proclaimed no other stall sells Mee in Mee Siam, I nodded with strong 💪 agreement 👍 ! 😮 🤩

As I forked both Mee + Bee Hoon in her Mee Siam; the taste somewhat unique as the grossy Mee is truly more filling and it’s taste blended well with its Assam infused of sweetness gravy, no too sweet actually; added lime to balance its flavour and fragrance. Garnished with shredded tau pok, boiled 1/2 eggs x 2 pcs ; added generous chives and it’s homemade sambalised chillies 🌶. It’s Mee do not absorb the gravy as much as Bee Hoon though, so the taste is more pronounced and uniquely positioned!

Truly, unique and awesome 😎 of an Old School formulae that makes great impact to many regular patrons, as I saw as she related this lady eating her Mee in Mee Siam since young ... Ok 👌 ... 🤔another stall just added to my must eat library 📚! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

However, no successor on sight, hopefully someone or other stall can emulate this unique Mee in Mee Siam to add extra flavour and continue the tradition ... 😮 🤩

Do not miss it as It’s truly, literally Mee in Mee Siam ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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