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Singapore Hawker Food : Lontong

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ blk 136 Potong Pasir - Jin Biao CoffeeShop. Stall : Uncle Sim.

Ordered their signature dish : Lontong @ $3.20 per tabao container.

What’s so good 😊?

It’s been a long while, since I patronised this stall many years ago till recently I was asking my driving Kakis ...

Here it is...

Uncle Sim, had become Senior citizens with his wife, running the show together. I asked him what is their signature food - Lontong and Mee Siam. I remembered I had eaten their Mee Siam then, so I opted for Lontong now.

Brought the food to car and photo eats 1st. As I was taking photos, the aromatic fragrance of the Lontong broth - Lemak filled the air ... scooped up the gravy and dipped into my mouth. That’s so endearing taste, so flavourfully done ✅, the right ratio of water and it’s rumpah, it’s bingo to the max ! That’s the taste I would love to eat ! It’s lontong rice, tightly compressed and in half’s, rice grained no more except the lump of rice beautifully cooked and done ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

Next, it’s ingredients- cabbage 🥬, strips of carrots 🥕, long beans and triangle tau kwa pre-fried, cooked well, soft but crunchiness and fresh overall. Great combination inside the Lemak (w/ coconut milk) broth, added eggs , not one but two eggs 🥚 🥚 possibly by mistake, as Uncle Sam seemed to lose part of his hearing as I had to raise my voice to him closely when I ordered the food earlier and he actually repacked to container instead of plastic bag. Minus the shredded coconut. It’s sambalised chillies 🌶 paired and tasted great too !

Uncle Sim also sells Mee Rebus, Gado gado, Laksa, Satay Bee Hoon etc but off on Wednesday! Give a shot to his repertoire of food choices when U R nearby here ! Your taste bud shall be amazed by his yummy food !

It’s Lontong ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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