Singapore Hawker Food : Lala Prawns White Bee Hoon

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Blk 2, Changi Village road, Changi Village Food Centre (FC).

Stall : Woon Woon Pek Bee Hoon #01-52.

Ordered 1 plate of Lala Prawn White Bee Hoon @ $6.00.

What’s so good 😊?

This morning, I have job assignment to do 4 deliveries of cakes 🎂 & biscuits 🍪 for corporate account - Restaurants: 2 in the city; 1 @ VivoCity and the last one @ Changi ...

The magnet 🧲 at this Hawker Centre seemingly too strong too resist ! 🤣

Here, I am... surveying for more than 10mins, just refusing to eat the fame Nasi Lemak and other good stalls but chosen this unassuming stall: Woon Woon Pek Bee Hoon, as I observed this uncle (helper or assistant) doing his extra mile to pack the Bee Hoon w/ seafood into the disposable container for a last customer, and using a shrink wrap on TOP before enclosing it with the cover, so that no leakage whatsoever happens 🤔 ... so smart of it - that’s thinking out of the box 📦 ! 🤓

It’s this humble action and beyond the call of duty, that make me order the dish from this stall... 😮

After 8 mins wait, my dish ready and I brought to the nearest table to photo eats 1st ...

As I observed many unique actions happen and had a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with the diminutive sized Chef 👨‍🍳 as he took time to answer me below:

Key weapons :

1. Seafood - Lala 🐚& Prawns 🦐 fresh everyday and I noted that only the Prawns 🦐 x 3 relatively bigger medium sized pieces were pre-fried 1st inside the wok. (See photo). This is to enable the fragrances of wok fire 🔥 and the natural fragrance of the prawns to be embedded into the soup or broth later ... 😮 🤩

2. Bee Hoon - Pre-fried 1st done ✅ earlier in the morning. To enable the fragrance of the bee Hoon to be emitted inside the soup ! 😮 🤩

3. Broth/ soup - a soup base already typically prepare (be it chicken stock or meat bone stock or even Lala etc) - as the seafood of Lala 🐚 x 4pcs and Prawns 🦐 goes inside the soup, added extra oomph to the broth and the fried Bee Hoon w/ cabbage 🥬 ... no wonder the broth tasted so fragrance with garlics and fresh seafood smell, tastefully ✅ w/o any MSG. 😮 🤩

4. Pork lard - extra crunchiness and blend well with the soup as the oil absorbs and the lard shall become softer later ... eat w/ Bee Hoon or w soup ! 😮 🤩

5. Garnishing with shallots and spring onions to enhance overall taste ! Pairing with cut chillies 🌶 provide the spiciness u may desired of.

The soul of this seemingly simple but not too simple dish are : Fresh seafood : Prawns 🦐 and Lala 🐚; Bee Hoon and the broth w/ extra ingredients embedded.

Added into my list of library 📚 of must eat as it’s valued for monies and it’s amazing fragrances and great taste bud.

As Always ... It’s Lala Prawns Pek Bee Hoon ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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