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Singapore Hawker Food: Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ Chinatown Complex/ Food Centre, 335 Smith Street.

Stall : Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu #02-88. (Spanning 2 stalls - one for food preparation)

I ordered an upsized of dry version of Mee + Bee Hoon & upsized of Yong Tau Fu + 2 different fish cakes 🍥 @ total : S$5.60.

What’s so good 😊?

This unique stall has been helmed by the 2nd generation family members after passing of their late father: youngest sister & eldest sister + brother, focusing on just Yong Tau Fu (as it’s called here).

Their key weapons :

  1. Finely blended unique garlic 🧄 chillies 🌶 ; akin to chicken rice chillies, infused with vinegar and lime for extra fragrance & taste.

  2. Its whitish fish paste, made from factory, with manual stuffing used across their soya bean curd, tau fu, tau pok, egg plant, fried fishcake, fishballs etc. Best of all no fishy smell. All stuffings using the same fish paste ! 😮 🤩

  3. Its deep fried crunchy Ikan Bilis added good punch to the noodles.

  4. Their tasty broth made from soya bean, Ikan Bilis ... 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

It’s been more than 25 years since I started to patronise this stall, from courtship time with my girlfriend, then becoming my wife, started family ... till todate ! 😮 🤩

It’s a Hakka authentic dish with a twist of adding Ikan Bilis, that works wonder for this stall, becoming their trademark and it’s a flourishing and prosperous family run business that work hard, maintaining harmony between siblings, teamwork, discipline to focus on this unique delectable food : Yong Tau Fu, that’s always command a long Q during peak lunch hours.

It’s taste consistency and quality assurance has been making headlines with the culinary world 🌍 all over. An Old school all-timed favourite, healthy choice of food. Indeed, an Heritage food !

As always ... Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu ... Yummily 😋 Great👍!


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