Singapore Hawker Food : Halal Opeh Leaf Seafood Hor Fun

Are U Hungry 😋?


@ Tang Tea House, 57 Lorong Bekukong

(Ex Ubin First Stop Restaurant) (just opposite to Changi Village Food Centre/ Bus Interchange).

Ordered my 1st Halal Zichar dish - Seafood Hor Fun in a Opeh leaf @ $13.00 + Rose Carnation drink $2.40.

Total : $16.65 w/ service tax.

What’s so good 😊?

As a matter of fact, I came here some years ago with my wife for our anniversaries, but little did I realised that Mr Yip Yew Chong’s art pieces were inside this restaurant till AUH member: Gloria Lai pointed out and shared in my recent posting... 😮

Taken some photos for everyone to enjoy and appreciate ! Blending with food and art 🖼!

It’s kampong styled house 🏡 with kitchen at the back yard and it’s washroom located there too !

So, here I am at this Tang Tea House 🏡. A Halal restaurant with Muslim presence. Yes, literally a restaurant with an outdoor and indoor dining setting, selling Zichar, Chicken rice @, dessert, satay in the evening and ala-carte dishes from noon till evening everyday! 😮 🤩

Personally, I liked the tranquility of Mother’s nature, quietness, people strolling along the river bank of the Changi + the amazing repertoire of food amidst its smell, if any ... 😮 🤩

My Opeh leaf of Wok fried Hor Fun actually meant for 2; with a tinge of wok hei styled of its Hor Fun, it’s generous servings of seafood - prawns 🍤 & squids 🦑 and generous eggs and vegetable with the thick gravy of Zichar styled Hor Fun.

The Opeh leaf has an undeniable task of keeping the food warm, indeed after a few minutes of eating the Hor Fun and it’s gravy still piping hot 🔥 inside, as I seated outdoor to enjoy 😉 the little wind blowing, the fresh air and watching the world 🌎 goes by ... 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

Ambience is one key to relaxation, I liked the surrounding of outdoor dining minus the heat though with fan blowing above me ... it’s 👌! Enjoying and sipping my icy cold Bandung drink (Rose Syrup with carnation milk) + a free wifi connectivity to complete my blog ... 🤩

As Always ... It’s Opeh leaf Hor Fun w/ Bandung ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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