Singapore Hawker Food : Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana Fritters)

Are U Hungry 😋?


@ Blk 527 Bedok North Street 3.

A Muslim owned Kopi shop

Stall : Warong Munchies

Ordered just $2/ plate of Goreng Pisang Nuggets + a glass of Teh Halia Tarik $1.30.

What’s so good 😊?

This stall was uncovered via my last month stint of doing GrabFood deliveries where a Tampines household 🏡 ordered a few large packets of goreng pisang and cheesy fried fries for their takeaway food via GrabFood during CB.

Came a few times but the stall not ready till today’s afternoon. Without hesitation, ordered what’s left there - Goreng Pisang Nuggets : Pisang (banana) sliced to smaller pieces and subjected to batter and deep oil fried... with so much added crumps for its crunchiness and yummy 😋 mouthful munching !

😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

It’s Goreng Pisang Nuggests, sweet & flavourfully done ✅ and it’s batter commendably great 👍!

I think 🤔 my family shall lovin it !

Many other flavourful type not available but worth to try via GrabFood or DIY self-collect ordering here !

Followed by a glass of Teh Halia Tarik (filled with ginger) taste to digest the oily stuff..

It’s catchy Tagline : Munching starts here !

Living upto it ... so much of munching of the Goreng Pisang nuggets and exercise of your mouth 👄! 😓

It’s Munching ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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