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Singapore Hawker Food : Fried Rice

Are U Hungry 😋? +Original+

@ Chinatown Complex/ Food Centre, 335 Smith Street. Stall : Heng Heng -Singapore Fried Rice #02-011.

Ordered a plate of Fried Rice (Luncheon meat + Sausage + Egg) @ $3.00.

What’s so good 😊?

After alighted pax at Everton Park, the lure of Chinatown FC just too intense, that’s why I am here, surveying & sniffing on food or rather hunting for great food, has been a hobby since becoming a foodie blogger ... 😮

Passed through this stall, Uncle was busy frying then I paused and look around the stall, quite a mess there ... then saw pile of rice in the open for drying and new cook rice as he opened, simply oblivious to me, standing outside his stall... 😮

I called out to him ...

Me : Uncle, ready for ordering ? (In mandarin)

Uncle : Yes, Bro ...

Me : One plate of Fried rice with prawns please !

Uncle : No prawn in the market today !

Me : Ahhh 😌, then Luncheon meat 👌

Uncle : 👌, wait hor !

After 5 mins of intense wok fire 🔥 frying as I observed and happily photo him in his action ! My fried rice is finally ready ... no balachan chillies but green cut chillies 🌶... 👌

Upon handing the disposable plate filled with mountain ⛰ of fried rice ... I am bewildered by the ingredients and layout ! Simply woo-ed over! 😮 🤩

Brought to a clean table and photo eats !

It’s plating layout and generosity of ingredients of luncheon meat + lup cheong (Chinese sausages) + eggs + pork lard then garnished with coriander leaves on top and cut green chillies sprinkled around. Had me in cloud 9...😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

It’s rice grain, still in single grain, texture grainy and neither hard or soft, just right ! 1st time having the combo of two different type of meat - luncheon + lup cheong, nice fragrance and simply flavourfully done ✅ pairing well with the cut green chillies and the crunchiness of pork lard, uniquely added to create this different kind of fried rice not seen in many years !

It’s singular product focused strategy works well for Uncle in his repertoire of Singapore 🇸🇬 Fried Rice ... living up to it signage ... Amazingly great !

Added into my library 📚 of must eat, no brainer (no need to think too much), despite initial concern of his “stall messiness” or hygiene. Rest assured, my stomach is sensitive to “foreign objects” and quick to reaction, if any. 🤣

It’s value for monies💰 and bringing the atypical fried rice to next level ... I liked it very much of its wok hei flavour, combo mixed of meats, grainy texture and presentation !

It’s Fried Rice paradise ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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