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Singapore Hawker Food : Fried Carrot Cake - Black & White Combo

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ 21 Old Airport road shop house #0–111.

Ordered the Fried Carrot Cake of Black & White Combo @ $4.00/ plate.

What’s so good 😊?

Inside this little shop, it actually houses 6-7 stalls, amazingly but true and it’s popular amongst the residents here and afar ... From Pancake, Fried Carrot Cakes, Muslim food, FishBall Noodles, Wanton Noodles and Drinks ...😮 🤩

After alighted pax at our National Stadium, the magnetic 🧲 field at Old Airport road is simply overwhelmingly strong 💪, without much hesitation, my Waze GPS pointed the direction and good to go ! 🤣

Found a precious strategic parking lot at the market, sprint to this old school Coffee Shop to have a morning break !

After 12mins of wait, my plate of Black and White combo of Fried Carrot Cake arrived to my table, did a bit of side plate cleaning up and repositioning for the usual photo eats 1st ... 😮 🤩

The aromatic taste of garlics and surround sound of wok frying pan filled the air and with the open air seating enjoying the fresh air and the cooking fumes ... 😮

The look 👀 of the Black & White Fried Carrot Cake seemed appetising and fragrance filled, as I forked the white version 1st : Nice spicy sambal chillies 🌶 pairing well with the carrot cakes cubes of small, big pieces of irregularities appealed & tastefully and flavourfully fit the bill of great Old School carrot cake ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

Usual wok frying style of garlics to break into fragrances, pre-frying the carrot cakes 1st, then add chai poh (light salted preserved radish ; to coat and embedded taste w/ fragrance and made soft; set aside for customers’ actual ordering ... 👍 ⭐️

Next, the black version: sweeten and moist, not too sweet and the sweet sauce muted the chillies but tasted great, soft texture and not wet part : generous eggs 🥚 in both instances ! 🤩

As I researched to its humble beginning of this “Original Changi Ten Mile Fried Carrot Cake” - it has a deep rooted history of about 70 years, dated back to their hey days of Kampong @ Changi Ten Mile, run by Quek’s extended family of brothers, now their 2nd generation has taken over at some stalls .

Todate, it’s has 5 stalls bearing the same brand name of “Original Changi Ten Mile Fried Carrot Cake” @ :

1. 21 Old Airport road

2. Bedok South Road blk 16FC

3. Bedok Fengshan blk 85 FC

4. Bedok/ Upper New Changi FC blk 58,

5. Bedok North blk 511 FC

Interestingly, all @ East ... in part due to its original setting @ Changi Ten Mile (comprises a huge old Kampong area stretching from current SIA Club house to SUTD area)... 😮

I vividly remembered my 2nd Aunty family used to live there and I had stayed with them overnight in one occasion to experience Kampong life style in the early 70s ... 😮 🤩

All their carrot cakes are hand made and distributed, I had tried their stalls @ blk 16 Bedok South and Blk 58 New Upper Changi road (just another road dividing - Bedok South Ave 2) - tasted similar in nature, and usually whilst the raw ingredients last ... already inside my library 📚 of Must eat ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

“It’s A Great day to start your Friday.

It’s Fried Carrot Cake Combo of Black & White ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!

TGIF (Thank God It’s a Friday !) 🙏🏻 😃


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