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Singapore Hawker Food : Foo Chow FishBall Noodles

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ 33/35 Sultan Gate : Seow Choon Hua Restaurant / Foo Chow(Beach Road) Fish Ball

We ordered their signature dishes :

1. Foo Chow Fish Ball

2. Red Rice Wine Mee Sua

3. Lor Mee (Foo Chow style)

Average price $5-$6 range

What’s so good 😊?

This shop has a Heritage values that most people failed to see : Its Sturdy Shop of Pre-war times and it’s Food Authenticity of Foo Chow’s Heritage Delectable dishes... 😮 🤩

In fact the ambience shall reset U to the 70s to 80s era ...

It has been many years that I last eaten from this shop that has many old media printout, tables setting, some as old as us, for all we know ... 😮 🤩

It was with great pleasure that our AUHFoodTrail lead by Ms Karen Lim recommended this unique place to meet and to dine-in. 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

We congregated here with respect to social distancing of Max. 5 in a table for our dining experiences of their Heritage food 🥘 per above.

It’s signature Fishball - fish paste blend with minced meat at the centre and ball together to be cooked to become an enlarged fishball, filled with its juiciness at its core of Fine minced meat, marinated with that extra juice that oozes out when U bite upon it, like a volcano 🌋 exploding into lava fillings in your mouth 👄!

We shall not review the food, rather let the photography of the food speak to U ... something new ... Huh 🤔! 🙏🏻 😃

As I go round it’s media posting that the owner had dutifully cut out, laminated and display prominently for all to read and to understand the history of Foo Chow fishball and its makings ! 😮 🤩

Though, we have 8 of us today, we managed to chit chat, understand more and even share mobile numbers and all of us are in the same page of #AUHFoodTrail WhatsApp chat group that also does informal gathering in smaller group for makan at pre-arranged venue and date / time.

There is no judgement nor criticisms, everybody come and join in from diverse background and our common topic is Simply Food and photography! 🤣

We all enjoyed our respective meal here and planning for our small gathering tomorrow and next month too !

Yours, As Always !

“Are U Hungry 😋?”

Ms Karen Lim

Ah Mark

PS : We have also build a culture of going Dutch (meaning each of us pay our own good share of individual meal or shared meal)


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