Singapore Hawker Food : Chicken Claypot Rice

Are U Hungry 😋?


@ Blk 304 Coffeeshop, Serangoon Ave 2, stall : KimPo ClayPot Rice

Ordered 1 set of Chicken Claypot rice 🍛 @$6.00

What’s so good 😊?

After 12-15mins of actual cooking (raw rice/ water) on the spot, the flaming 🔥 piping hot Claypot arrives to my table. Garnished with spring onions, the Claypot rice 🍚 looks amazingly great, cooked to perfection, nice rice grains, marinated chicken 🐓 pieces were well done ✅ w/ oyster sauce, chinese wine, pepper etc. Plentiful slices of Chinese sausages. Pieces of salted fish 🐟 tasted great and blended well with the Claypot rice, adding tastefully & flavourfully, pairing with their homemade styled of chicken rice chillies 🌶 added twist to the delectable meal 🥘.

It’s Chicken Claypot rice 🍛 Yummily 😋 Great 👍!

PS : my makan kakis has shared that KimPo had another branch stall at Block 327 Hougang Ave 5. 😋


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