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Roasted Seabass with XO Cream recipe

SO Sofitel Singapore has teamed up with Affluent Society to bring you a series of easy-to-make-at-home recipes from the Xperience Restaurant and its Executive Chef Hong Dingzhao.


150gm Fresh Seabass 1no Bok Choy (Blanch in salted water for 90sec) ½ Stalk Spring Onion (Julienne) 10gm Coriander Leaf 1pcs Red Chilli (de-seed and Julienne)

XO Cream 30gm Carrot 30gm Onion 30gm Leek 40gm Chinese Hua Tiao Wine 200gm Cooking Cream 50gm XO Sauce

Mashed Potato 100gm Fresh Peeled Potato (cut into small pieces and boil to very soft) 100gm Fresh Milk 100gm Butter Method:

Preparation for XO Cream 1.) Cut all vegetables into small pieces.

2.) Heat up a sauce pot, add a little oil and saute the vegetables. 3.) Deglaze Chinese wine and add in cooking cream. 4.) Reduce cream to 50%. 5.) Strain off vegetables and keep the reduced cream. Add in XO sauce and mix well.

Preparation for Mash Potato Heat up milk in pot, once boiling add in boiled potatoes and keep whisking till smooth texture Add in extra milk if needed. Add in butter and keep whisking to get a very smooth texture and season with salt.

Cooking and Serving

1.) Season Seabass with fine salt & cblack pepper. Heat up the pan with a little olive oil. 2.) Pan sear Seabass skin side on first at medium heat. After skin is nice golden brown, turn the fish around and sear for another 2mins. 200 degree roast in oven for 6mins, 3.) Heat up XO sauce, mash potato and Bok choy to be ready to serve. 4.) Plate and garnish the seabass the way you want to! 5.) Finally, enjoy your meal!

SO Sofitel Singapore & Xperience Restaurant: SO/ Sofitel Singapore is an audacious lifestyle hotel bursting with local energy and infused with a French twist. Located in the heart of The Lion City, the luxury boutique hotel is the perfect blend of old and new, housed in a heritage building yet fitted with the latest media technology. A vibrant all-day café, restaurant and bar, Xperience is known for its tantalizing cuisine and attentive service. Culinary designer Hong Dingzhao uses fresh and flavoursome produce to present a variety of International dishes on the fabulous Molteni Oven. Learn more at


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