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Recipe: Chawanmushi, Confit Leeks, Smoked Mussel Foam by Chef Mathew Leong

Restaurant À L’aise, Oslo, Norway, affluent society, mathew leong
Chawanmushi, Confit Leeks, Smoked Mussel Foam by Mathew Leong, Restaurant À L’aise

Chef Mathew Leong of Restaurant A L'aise in Oslo, Norway takes the humble chawanmushi to a different level in his recipe.


Cream - 94gm

Museel stock- 49ml

Milk - 50ml

Whole egg - 74gm

Confit Leek

Leek - 2 whole

Oilve oil - 30hm

Thyme - 5gm

Lemon Zest - 2 peel

Mussel Foam

Mussel stock - 300ml

Cream - 100gm

Spinach -100gm

Hay - 200gm

Soy lecithin - 5gm

Salt - season


Heat cream, mussel stock and milk to 80 degrees.

Using high speed blender blend egg into warm milk slowly

Set oven to steam at 85 degree and steam for 15min. Remove from mold

Place leek, oil, lemon zest and thyme into a vacuum bag.

Steam leek at 90 degree for 20min till tender. Once done cool down in ice bath

Blend mussel stock, cream, spinach and salt well. Pass through fine sieve

Light hay on fire in a pot. Once it flames, extinguish flame with blend mixture and infuse.

After infusing, pass through fine sieve and season.

Using hand blender, blend in soy lecithin to create tasty mussel foam

Assemble to finish

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