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India Youth Srija Roy becomes Affluent Society Blogger

Srija Roy, India, blogger, affluent society
Srija Roy

West Bengali Srija Roy and reader and follower of Affluent Society becomes a blogger for the global business, lifestyle and social media.

Srija Roy loves India and wants readers and followers of Affluent Society to experience the culture and be inspired by her incredible country and its young people. She wants to be its youth and lifestyle ambassador, and encourage greater engagement between Indians and Affluent Society as her official media.

Srija serves as a social blogger for Affluent Society, sharing daily happenings and issues that best represent India with readers and followers. She knows the ins and outs of her generation, and will also be curating youth-related content for the media.

"I am honored to be a spokesperson for India and my generation to Affluent Society. I'm also excited by this rare opportunity to introduce my culture to a broad, diverse and influential global audience, and Affluent Society to all my friends, readers and followers in India and Indians abroad" said Srija.

"We are delighted to have Srija on board as part of our engagement with our readers and followers. She loves to write and is super excited about India and India's youths. We are equally thrilled to understand how topics like anti-sexual harassment, women safety and girl child education are becoming increasingly important to young people in India. We believe Srija's passion will help bring fellow readers and followers closer together", said Ashley Sim, Associate Editor of Affluent Society.

Lionel Lee, Advisor to Affluent Society added, "Affluent Society already works closely with partners, contributors and bloggers to deliver quality content and grow the world's largest community of affluent readers and followers. It makes total sense to support your own community and their passion where possible. Having Srija on board as a young reader and follower turned blogger is a fantastic step in engaging India's 600 million youths under the age of 25.

About Srija Roy: I'm 21 and graduating in sociology honours. I've been writing and blogging for the past few years. In affluent society, I'll be working as a social blogger and providing readers and followers with a variety of social topics and news related to India including travel, food, cityscape, music, arts, movies, comedy, events, activities, health, sports, parenting, kids, local issues and local government news and announcements that impact the young public.

About Affluent Society: Affluent Society is a global business, lifestyle and social media for people who already enjoy the finer things in life and those who aspire to the lifestyle. It delivers content, events, giveaways and promotions on its website that sync with the needs and interests of affluent to ultra high net worth consumers in their personal and work life. It also serves as a social media platform for users who want to share everyday news, stories, opinions, likes and dislikes with a wider audience in addition to their followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Affluent Society is a part of Platinum Circle, the world’s leading business group consisting of over 100,000 decision makers from 1,800 corporations each with annual revenues exceeding USD100m, governments and intergovernmental organisations. Read, Like, Follow, Share and Post at

Disclaimer: a certain commission of every purchase through the ads goes to supporting Affluent Society and I. Purchasing through the ads is one of the best ways you can help support us. Thanks in advance.


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Srija Roy
Srija Roy
Aug 28, 2020

Glad to be a part of the affluent society family. Looking forward to make great things happen! ❤️

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