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Nigeria: Technology, Government and its people.

Technology is a means to making life easy for people in their work and living.

In recent years, technology has evolved in different spheres of Nigerian society making life seamless in the outcome of work, study, and living. Payments processing, fashion, real estate, medical, education, insurance, banking, food, religion has been disrupted in the Nigerian economy by technology thereby making access to opportunities in those areas easy.

The Federal government of Nigeria is trying to regulate the economic activities in technology space for businesses and people do not seem to understand the effects of the policies placed in a bid to safeguard her citizen but rather mar the livelihood of businesses and people, as seen in the recent ban in cryptocurrency by the Apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria under the guise that crypto-currency is fraudulent as funds processed through crypto-currency, aren’t traceable.

Crypto-currency is an emerging type of technology that makes payment look effortless for its users from any part of the world. It allows the easy movement of funds from one platform to another for its users.

Technological advancement is skyrocketing around the globe while Nigeria seems to be lagging because of unfavorable policies stifling such great changes for her populace.

It is thought that some entities in the Nigerian state are benefiting from such unruly government clampdowns.

A class of technology intellectuals believes that the federal government of Nigeria ought to collaborate with individuals and organizations in the technology space to understand the benefits of technology for the Nigerian state and decide on how to exploit such opportunities to the greater good of her people rather than just crippling technology that isn’t understood.


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