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Singapore Hawker Food: Hainan Traditional Satay

Are U Hungry 😋?

@ 120 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-806 New Trend Coffeeshop.

Stall: Hainan Traditional Satay.

I ordered 10 sticks of pork meat and 1 ketupat (rice cube) @ Total: S$6.70.

What’s so good 😊?

The affinity of being a Hainanese and this stall signboard : Hainan, bears strong resemblance of “own clan, own people, must support each other” philosophy ! 😮 plus the magnet of driving into this neighbourhood of Potong Pasir bring fond memories of being an Ex-Opposition ward run by Mr Chiam See Tong.

On the contrary, the uncle in his mid 60s is not Hainanese selling the satay but the supplier is confirmed to be an Hainanese, as he shared with me ! 😮 🤩

This traditional Old School taste of Pork Satay, embedded with great marination of turmeric powder, lemon grass, yellow ginger, 5 spice powder, malt sugar, onions etc, it’s this intense flavouring plus the alternating of thick lean meat cube with fat cube, and skewed together, undergoing an intensive charcoal fire 🔥, with regular flipping to maintain its cooking texture, using the electric fan, with bits of charred that I always looked forward to a great satay ! Above all, it’s great valued for monies 💰!

Coupled with the peanut 🥜 sauce with grated pineapple 🍍 in the middle of the gravy, makes a world of difference of it’s authenticity! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

As you eat this Old School type of satay full of great flavouring and sweetness, reminiscence of those days where satay-man peddled on a bicycle, rings and setup make shift area to honk their trade of satay and the fanning of the thick smoke of aromatic fragrance of charcoal and sweetness spices filled the air ! 😮 🤩 ⭐️ 👍

As I dipped the satay pork meat into my mouth 👄, it’s delectable taste, juicing out the flavour, picked the ketupat rice cube, dipped into the bowl of peanut gravy or sauce then pairing off with the slices of onions 🧅 and cucumber 🥒 to balance the flavour. That unique taste of Old School taste shall mesmerised within.

As always, authentically Hainan Traditional Satay ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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