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Get Ready to Satisfy your Food Cravings with Affluent Society

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on food. Now more than ever, food is central to everyone's being.

We have more interest in food and food-related topics as a result of staying home and working from home. We are keener on recipes and cooking. It's something every one of us can do no matter which part of the world we are in, sitting out the pandemic. We have more food cravings, are eager to dine out, try new food creations, support our local cafes and restaurants, or have more coffee and tea while working from home.

To feed these food cravings, Affluent Society is collaborating with culinary talents from our global community of hotels, resorts, dining establishments, food suppliers and producers. We are also engaging foodies, food bloggers and supporting many local food and beverage industry players who are struggling.

So, get ready to feast your eyes and bellies on food creations, recipes, stories, offers, contests and giveaways. From Oslo to Singapore, China to Melbourne, visit the Affluent Society website. Subscribe and eat the world with us.

We are Affluent Society. Welcome to your lifestyle.

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