"Farm" to Table: The best kind of onions to grow

Are you exasperated with finding browned spring onions in the fridge from time to time? Buying a big bunch from the supermarket, but struggle to finish them before they turn bad?

In my exasperations, I have turned to urban farming or simply put - planting edibles on my balcony.

I have planted a variety of onions in my humble garden and found that purple shallots produce the most fragrant and sharp-smelling spring onions - and this is what my family enjoys. The spring onions from shallots tend to have thinner leaves but I believe this is the reason why the aroma is so concentrated. Larger onions tend to produce thicker leaves that are crunchier, but lacking in flavour.

To get a constant supply of spring onions, plant them in batches about a week apart, or according to your consumption. If you wish to grow onion bulbs from onions, let the leaves turn yellow without harvesting them, and allow 3-6 months for bulb onion to mature, depending on the variety planted.

Do share with me your experience of planting of any sorts in the comments below!


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