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Artemis Grill: Japanese Hamachi & Rice Crisp

Japanese Hamachi at Artemis Grill Singapore
Copyright: Lionel Lee

Food Cravings

While Allan Timlin and I were chatting about Mr Rech, he mentioned Japanese cuisine....

It made miss the Japanese Hamachi prepared by Chef Fernando Arevalo at Artemmis Grill in Singapore. This restaurant and bar is best known for its Mediterranean-styled and sustainable food accompanied by panoramic views of the Singapore CBD.

The Hamachi or Japanese amberjack used in his dish was killed with a process called Ike Jime. This Japanese fish killing technique is not only the most humane way to dispatch the fish but provides the best texture.

The fresh flavours of the Hamachi shone in this dish as every morsel delivered a sweet marbled fat flavour that was almost lightly buttery, accompanied by tomato jelly, paprika, olive powder, avocado mousse. and rice crisp.


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