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USA: Vans and Fairfield Comedy Club support comedian livelihood

Photo courtesy of Vans

The world’s largest youth culture brand, Vans, has collaborated with Fairfield Comedy Club to provide a limited-edition Vans slip-on revolution shoe and tees to match. This is part of the Vans “Foot the Bill” initiative designed to help small businesses across the USA during the pandemic time.

Comics at Connecticut's popular live comedy club have suffered from a serious lack of work due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Joe Gerics, founder of the Fairfield Comedy Club, is taking this opportunity to help many talented individuals to keep providing entertainment for the CT community. The collaboration with Vans provides a fantastic way to help as all net proceeds from purchases of the shoe and tees will go to comics who have performed in CT and have missed an entire year of work. Up to 1,000 pairs that feature the club's logo were designed by artist and Connecticut native Guy Stanley Philoche.

The Club's goal is to raise $50,000. Shoes and tees can be purchased here -


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