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Faces of Harlem Photo Exhibition

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Photo courtesy of FACES OF HARLEM

A multi-site outdoor photography installation has arrived in Harlem.

Entitled FACES OF HARLEM, this exhibition celebrates the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance. Sade Boyewa El and Kate Sterlin brought 8 different photographers together to show 100 portraits of people from the Harlem neighborhood, especially those who are often underrepresented in Harlem.

There is a particular emphasis on highlighting the neighborhood’s African American and diasporic cultures. The curators hope to inspire meaningful conversations, foster connections, strengthen cultural identity, and bridge some of the many visible gaps in their community.

The photographers involved include Freedom Allah, Jean Andre Antoine, Tyrell Holland, Ariella Imena, Sierra Odessa, Oluwaseye Olusa, Abigail Montes and Tony King Redman in addition to Sade and Kate.

FACES OF HARLEM is presented across four parks in Harlem: Morningside, Jackie Robinson, Marcus Garvey, and Rucker Park. The exhibition is free to the public and runs from now till October 31. Visit the website for more details.


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