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Singapore National Day: There's No Place I'd Rather Be, Kit Chan

Music and Lyrics by Joshua Wan

Comments for listeners from Beverly Grafton:

"Being a huge fan of musicals, I thoroughly appreciated the dramatically beautiful intro of this song. It took just the right amount of time to build anticipation without losing the listener's interest. And that's not something I am able to find often in today's music. In "There's No Place I'd Rather Be", Kit Chan lends her dulcet tones to set the scene as we go on a journey all over the world in the first half of the song. Then, right before the chorus, heart strings are pulled as she breathily sings "I think of you each night and every day". Oh, my goose bumps.

After what I imagine as melting homesick Singaporean hearts everywhere with the verses, the simple honesty of the lyrics in the following choruses, delivered by Kit's depth of emotions, coupled with the ebb and flow of the arrangement, give rise to a beautiful statement finish that leaves me with the feeling of closure that I, once again, cannot find in today's music. By the way, if you listen carefully, Singapore was never mentioned in the entire song. How's that for a tidbit?"

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