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Live Music and Stage Performer Beverly Grafton joins Affluent Society

Beverly Grafton, music, entertainment, Singapore, affluent society
Beverly Grafton, Live at Singapore National Day Parade Celebrations

Beverly Grafton, a professional singer and stage performer joins Affluent Society, a global business, lifestyle and social media.

Beverly contributes to the media's music content through her 20 years of experience as a resident vocalist, musical lead, song writer, jingle composer and Singapore Idol finalist. She also encourages greater collaboration between the live music and entertainment industry in Singapore and Affluent Society as her official media.

Beverly serves as a music blogger for Affluent Society and curates her weekly playlist for listeners, readers and followers. She also knows all the popular and upcoming musicians, bands, producers, DJs and produces the media's Weekly Guide on the Singapore music scene.

"I am honored to be a member of Affluent Society and one of its live entertainment professionals alongside others from different cities. I'm also excited by this rare opportunity to introduce my city and home to a broad, diverse and influential global audience, and Affluent Society to my listeners and fans" said Beverly.

"We are delighted to work with Beverly as part of our engagement with professionals from different industries and locations. She is an accomplished artiste and brings a wealth of entertainment, event, band management knowledge and music content to our readers and followers", said Ashley Sim, Associate Editor of Affluent Society.

Lionel Lee, Advisor to Affluent Society added, "Affluent Society is working closely with a variety of artistes in different locations to deliver quality entertainment content and grow the world's largest community of affluent readers and followers. This engagement with Beverly forms part of the media's support for local singers, cover and original bands, DJs and producers. Furthermore this relationship provides its global community with the tunes of Singapore by Beverly as our muse.

About Beverly Grafton: Beverly is a 20 year veteran in the music business and a huge advocate for depression and other mental health awareness. She also practices self awareness, believes in parenting done right, living a balanced life and like any other Singaporean, a complete and utter foodie! Bad food hurts her feelings.

About Affluent Society: Affluent Society is a global business, lifestyle and social media for people who already enjoy the finer things in life and those who aspire to the lifestyle. It delivers content, events, giveaways and promotions that sync with the needs and interests of affluent to ultra high net worth consumers in their personal and work life. It also serves as a social media platform for users who want to share everyday news, stories, opinions, likes and dislikes with a wider audience in addition to their followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Affluent Society is a part of Platinum Circle, the world’s leading business group consisting of over 100,000 decision makers from 1,800 corporations each with annual revenues exceeding USD100m, governments and intergovernmental organisations. Read, Like, Follow, Share and Post at


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Beverly Morata Grafton
Beverly Morata Grafton

It's a surprising new and positive path to my career and I'm embracing it with much anticipation. I look forward to the journey ahead with Affluent Society and all its readers. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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