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Singapore National Day: My Island Home, Kaira Gong

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Music and Lyrics by Joshua Wan

Comments for listeners from Beverly Grafton:

"Before I continue, I know the video is very reminiscent of the mid 2000s but who doesn't enjoy a little bit of nostalgia from time to time? I mean, it IS from 2006 so it may seem tacky to some. I'll tell you what's not tacky though, the song itself.

I have to admit that prior to this assignment, I had never, and I mean NEVER, heard of Kaira Gong, much less heard this NDP theme song. And shame on me! The moment I pressed play on the video, I just knew my ears were in good hands. The intro to the song was short, sharp and sweet which then gave way to Kaira's surprisingly sparkling vocals as she brings the verses to life. Then, as if to capitulate to her energy, the chorus takes us to another level of fresh, leaving us so uplifted that it truly is difficult to defend yourself against the infectious joy this song brings to our hearts. Even when it goes back to the verse after the first chorus, the energy truly doesn't dissipate and I find myself on such a high all the way through to the end of the song.

And that's exactly where I found a yummy little titbit for you readers. The music and lyrics for "My Island Home" was written by none other than this year's theme song composer, Joshua Wan!

I am blessed to have worked with Joshua on countless occasions in my singing career and I must say that with every show, the depth of his talent and the tasteful chord progressions in his solos enchant me to a point where I may sometimes forget to come back in to finish the song. Though he always leaves me a warm and cosy feeling inside when he plays, with "My Island Home", I'm infused with a little patriotic pride on the side".

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