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New Zealand COVID-19 eases to Level 1 Alert

Photo courtesy of Ministry of Health, Government of New Zealand

Friends in New Zealand are enjoying their early days of Level 1.

It is now 20 days since the last new case was reported in New Zealand. Eight significant clusters have closed. There are no active cases. There are no additional deaths reported. No one in New Zealand is receiving hospital-level care for COVID-19.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health, stresses the ongoing importance of the border at Level 1 and how it must function as the “safety net” in protecting New Zealand in the global environment.

"With this priority, tighter controls are being placed on those coming into New Zealand at the border – controls we are making to keep New Zealanders safe from COVID-19 entering the country.

People entering New Zealand are still required to stay in managed isolation or quarantine for at least 14 days.

"We do need to continue to be prepared for additional cases in the future. It's almost certain new cases will pop up. This has been the evidence from overseas," says Dr Bloomfield.


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