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New York City: Grand Central Terminal - An American Idol

Grand Central Terminal is a world-famous landmark, located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan. It opened to the public in February 1913.

This iconic landmark is not only a transportation hub but it is also a shopping, dining and cultural destination with 60 shops, 35 places to eat and a full calendar of events.

It serves the Metro-North commuter line to upstate New York and Connecticut as well as the MTA subway system in the City. In all, there are 44 platforms for 67 tracks, along which 700 trains run in and out daily.

If you've ever been to NY or if you've ever heard the famous phrase "meet me under the clock" while watching a movie you should know that it refers to The Grand Central Clock, decorating the top of Grand Central Terminal's Information booth. In addition the famous clock has starred in numerous movies during the past several decades and is valued between 10-20 million dollars.

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