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New York City: Best and worst colors to wear to a job interview.

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Did you know that the color you choose to wear to your job interview is really important and can affect the interviewer's first impression of you?

Always remember that your appearance defines you, so if you want to make a good first impression and get the job then you'd better dress appropriately.

So far you might have been concerned whether wearing a formal or more casual attire for your upcoming interview but it turns to be more complicated than this.

Here are the best colors to wear to a job interview:

Blue: this is one of the best colors that candidates can wear to an interview cause it exudes trust, calm and confidence. It also implies that you are reliable, honest, and dependable.

Black: is a classic color and very popular for suits and dresses in interviews. Black color is often associated with leadership, exclusivity, sophistication, power and authority.

Gray: is another great color for interview outfits. Gray evokes sophistication and neutrality and implies that you are independent and logical or analytical as well. It also communicates that you are a person capable of thinking on your own.

White: wearing white or beige portrays you are a highly organized, clean, honest and detail-oriented individual.


Orange: it is the absolute worst and most inappropriate color to wear to a job interview. It is associated with unprofessionalism so it is preferable you stay away.

Red: this color is a risky selection for an interview thus you must be extremely careful how you wear it. On the one hand, red conveys energy, passion, power, excitement and courage and on the other hand can express hostility, rebelliousness and stubbornness.

Brown: this color reveals you are comforting and reliable but can also imply that you are boring, simple and old-fashioned. If you don’t want to give the impression you are staid, consider avoiding brown in general.

Multi-colors: avoid bold patterns or bright colors (e.g. purple, yellow unless you are interviewing for a position in the creative fields) since they tend to be very distracting. You want the interviewer to be focused on you!!!

To sum up, it is better to play it safe when it comes to interview outfits and attires. No, you don't have to wear the most boring outfit in the world neither the most flashy.

Dress to impress, feel confident and comfortable and show you are a perfect fit for the company and for the job role.

The colors you choose to wear to your interview will reflect who you are, how professional you are and how seriously you take your job. Good luck!!!

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