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Love Story: Tristen Ng, Singapore

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Singapore: Despite our small geographical size, Singapore is known globally as a thriving garden city that is business-friendly, dynamic and innovative. Our country’s overall security and low crime rate is highly desirable. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about going out into the streets at 3am to satisfy a late-night craving. Singapore’s multi-racial society gives us a wide variety of cuisines, readily available at affordable prices in the form of hawker centres. We also have an efficient network of trains and buses, allowing us to get to most places easily. We are not without our shortcomings, but looking at the big picture, Singapore is truly an amazing place to live.

Tristen Ng: I am an insurance agent. In addition, I also help my clients plan their financial investments and portfolios. In my free time, I enjoy pole-fitness and reading. Pole dance helps to free my mind and keeps me in shape, while reading allows me to continually improve myself in all aspects of life. Follow me at

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