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Love Story: Laura Hill, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

Fleurieu Peninsula: It’s virtually impossible to deny my connection to the land that is the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Born and raised here I really do believe it’s one of those outrageously privileged places where rolling green hills and vineyards intersect a stunningly beautiful coast. It’s the perfect balance of space and community and every-time I write or perform I subconsciously spin my compositions to try and subtlety capture the magic of this place. I love the Fleurieu and many dear family and friends are here too - after all life is best shared right?

Laura Hill: I was extremely grateful to spend my Covid 19 isolation days in this part of the world. This time gave me the ability to reflect on the good fortune abounding on the Fleurieu and I’ve been working towards an exciting new project and admit that having this creative time and space has awoken a giant in me. Even though I’m not sure where the live music industry is heading, it’s extremely positive and addictive to create and I’m just going to hang onto that. I'm an award winning artist, singer and songwriter. You can look, listen, donate and keep in touch with my work at, Facebook:, and Instagram: @laurahillmusic

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