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Human Stories: Muhammad Zaid bin Mohd Omar, Singapore

Muhammad Zaid bin Mohd Omar feels he is no different from the average Singaporean. He grew up in an average household where his family wasn't wealthy but always had enough cash for nice meals and the occasional vacation. He works as a chemical process technician and runs a part-time business. As a filial son, he wants to earn more money to allow his parents to retire in comfort. He went into business for that reason but also to help people in need and solve social issues in his community. He believes there are many Singaporeans less fortunate than him and is grateful for what he has.

This is Zaid's story of fears, happiness and hopes as shared with Affluent Society from Singapore:


The thought of going through old age alone, with no one to take good care of me (like how I'm taking care of my mum) is scary. The thought of having a serious illness and getting hospitalized as a result is also terrifying. This has befallen my mum several times. The doctors were unsure of what was wrong with her. They prescribed medication that caused my mum to experience very painful hot flushes throughout her body. Her face became darkened and numb too. Then, she couldn’t breathe properly and her appetite was poor for a few days. It was horrible. I was also saddened by the fact that she had to suffer and I could not do anything about it.


My happiness revolves around six simple things:

  • Food - I love food. Especially Chicken Rice and also Thai Milk tea. I look forward to a nice meal after a long day at work.

  • Exercise - the adrenaline rush from gym workouts. sweating and pumping my muscles makes me feel good, especially while listening to my favorite songs like A7X, Blink 182, MCR, Trivium and Bullet for my valentine.

  • Leisure - reading, singing songs that are inspiring, and watching anime such as Dragonball, One-piece, Naruto, Bleach, Nanatsu No taizai! and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  • Business - my business mostly is about giving back to the community. So, if I manage to give back in any way, it would make me feel good.

  • Family - time spend with family whether it is just a 5-minute catch-up or a long holiday. I feel happy as long as I can make my family happy or laugh.

  • Friends - having friends who are like-minded and who empower me and treat me with respect.


I’ve always wanted to be a role-model in fitness, religion, entrepreneurship and community service.

I want to feel good, live a life free from any financial or health problems, have enough money to bring my family and close friends to Umrah (also known as a pilgrimage to Mecca and Madinah) together every year, and still able to maintain a body with 6 abs and 4-inch biceps.

I should be doing more to serve fellow Singaporeans who are less fortunate. I feel that it is only natural and human to help improve the lives of people I love and care for and others in the community. At the end of the day, I hope to provide solutions to people who are going through social issues in their lives, like marriage problems, financial problems, health problems, and even mental challenges like depression and loneliness. My ideal is to be able to run an Islamic Personal Development Organisation that contributes to the community.

My two cents worth for fellow readers

  • Eat and stay healthy. Don’t forget your proteins, healthy fats, multivitamins, and get enough of sleep. Find a sport or physical activity that you enjoy doing on the weekends or even daily.

  • Respect your elders and treat the young ones with love and care, with the intention of grooming them into better people.

  • Chase your passion, even if it takes a hundred lifetime. Chase it with clarity and never give up.

  • Find a mentor or be a mentor for someone else. This can be in the form of a parental relationship or between close friends.

About Human Stories:

All of us have a story to share. Some are joyful. Some are teary. Some provide perspectives. Several are downright heartbreaking. Others are simply inspiring.

I've been receiving and exchanging stories of COVID-19 lockdowns with business and government leaders from around the world since June. As the third wave of the pandemic handcuffs some nations and borders, I turn my attention to you - readers and followers of Affluent Society - and your emails and feedback to me these past months. While I continue serving my sentence in Melbourne, I will try my best to tell your story.

This Human Stories Series is a cumulation of stories shared with Affluent Society by its readers and followers from around the world.

Disclaimer: a certain commission of every purchase through the ads goes to supporting Affluent Society and I. Purchasing through the ads is one of the best ways you can help support us. Thanks in advance.


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