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Hotelier and Chef King Wong joins Affluent Society

King Wong, a hospitality veteran of 36 years joins Affluent Society, a global business, lifestyle and social media owned by Platinum Circle, the world's leading business group consisting of corporations with annual revenues exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organisations.

King provides an expert voice on deluxe class hotel and resort operations, openings, rebranding and Chinese cuisine, having served both as general manager and executive chef with over 13 hospitality brands including Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hilton and Shangri-La. He also encourages greater collaboration and cooperation between food, culinary talents, diners, producers in Hong Kong and China and Affluent Society as his official social media.

King serves as a contributor to Affluent Society, sharing his hospitality and gastronomic insights including Chinese food creations and recipes with readers and followers as part of the media's Food Craving Series. He will also be a guest judge and critic in the media's Eat the World Hong Kong/China Edition, having worked in both markets.

"I am honored to be a member of Affluent Society and one of its hospitality and culinary voices alongside my industry veterans. I'm also excited by this rare opportunity to introduce the Chinese cuisine to a broad, diverse and influential global audience, and invite fellow hoteliers, chefs and diners to engage the Affluent Society community," said King.

"We are delighted to work with King as part of our engagement with professionals in the hospitality industry. He brings a wealth of insights and content to our readers and followers, given his deep passion for food and hotels", said Ashley Sim, Associate Editor of Affluent Society.

Lionel Lee, Advisor to Affluent Society added, "Affluent Society's engagement with King is a delicious one. We look forward to satisfying many Chinese food cravings with his help. Furthermore, King can share some of the secrets and gems he has uncovered, living and working as a local in Hong Kong and China, with everyone".

About King Wong: King Wong has been with the hospitality industry for 36 years, working across international and Chinese brands. His operational experience covers general management, food and beverage and executive chef.

About Affluent Society: Affluent Society is a global business, lifestyle and social media for people who already enjoy the finer things in life and those who aspire to the lifestyle. It delivers content, events, giveaways and promotions that sync with the needs and interests of affluent to ultra high net worth consumers in their personal and work life. It also serves as a social media platform for users who want to share everyday news, stories, opinions, likes and dislikes with a wider audience in addition to their followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Affluent Society is a part of Platinum Circle, the world’s leading business group consisting of over 100,000 decision makers from 1,800 corporations each with annual revenues exceeding USD100m, governments and intergovernmental organisations. Read, Like, Follow, Share and Post at


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Jul 15, 2020

I look forward to your innovative food creations and recipes from Hong Kong and China!


King  Wong
King Wong
Jul 15, 2020

It is my pleasure to be part of the Affluent Society family, In the future, I plan to gradually upgrade and innovate on the basis of this dish, make full use of the elements of cosmic space, intelligent age, sensory feast and other innovations, combine personal ideas and emotions, fully promote the food culture, promote the development of food, and teach cooking Technology, carry forward food culture and skills. So that more people can enjoy food, absorb nutrients, enhance health, and enjoy their own happy life.

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