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Costa Rica: Playa Penca a small paradise!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Pictures by Amanda Urcuyo

Playa Penca in Guanacaste, is close by from Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa. It's exactly between these two beaches. This beach is a hidden gem in this area, where you can visit it by car, and by boat or kayak from these two close beaches. Here is the location if you come to this area of central Guanacaste, don't miss it!

This beach sometimes is not so visited, because it has a difficult access, but it's becoming known by many now, and they take the time to go there.

What we loved about this beach is that there is so much shade to cover from the sun and the crystal turquoise water, it's amazing for snorkeling. So don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear and start swimming. Me and my partner were able to see so many colorful fishes, what an amazing feeling to be underwater and see this wonderful world.

Before entering this amazing paradise, if you come by car, you will have to walk a trail to get to Playa Penca, and its in a steep hill. After you enter the main entrance, there is a security guard and will check your license plate, but don’t be alarmed about it, it's protocol since probably they will build a tourist complex around there. Once you've done that you will have to keep going a couple of miles, park your car in a labeled area and walk a steep trail till you get to the beach.

So, it's not recommended for people with mobility issues and seniors, you have to go down a steep hill.

We recommend you to go with a 4x4, in dry season or rainy season, because a few miles before the beach the road is unpaved, has potholes and gets steep in some parts. There is always a parking lot security guard, so keep some change handed!

You have to take in count that there are no facilities or anything on the beach, so this is an important point to take in count if you are a picky tourist. The views are gorgeous, and especially in the rainy season the area has an intense lush green!

A quick list of things to bring:

  1. Try to go light, but don't forget to bring water and food, there is no facilities at the beach.

  2. You can go down the hill with sandals, but you can be more comfortable with tennis shoes, it will be easier.

  3. Bring your snorkeling gear! It's a most if you like this activity

  4. Towels, but you can dry with the sun!

  5. If you want to be comfortable you can bring some camping chairs.

Let us know what you think when you visit this amazing little paradise!


*Amanda Urcuyo is a travel designer for Costa Rica and you can contact her for information on tours, hotels, rent a car or shuttles:

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