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Costa Rica: Experience Folkloric Music of Costa Rica!

Tomorrow is our Independence Day and we are very proud of our roots.

In Costa Rica, the four powerhouses for folk music are Guanacaste, the Central Valley, Limon, and San Isidro del General; these styles are known respectively as música guanacasteca, música aldeana, música limonense, and música generalena.

This song Caña Dulce, sometimes also known as Caña dulce pa'moler, is a typical Costa Rican song, written in 1926. Its authors are José Joaquín Salas Pérez (lyrics) and José Daniel Zuñiga Zeledón (music). It is considered one of the national songs of Costa Rican folk music, and representative of the rhythm known as "Creole dance", typical of the Central Valley of Costa Rica. His lyrics are a remembrance of the bucolic Costa Rica and the happiness of the simple and rural life.

Caña Dulce

Lyrics by J. J. Salas Pérez

Music by J. Daniel Zuñiga

Caña dulce pa moler

cuando tenga mi casita:

¡Oh, qué suerte tan bonita

que pa mí tendrá que ser!

Cuando apunte el verolís

y yo viva con mi nena,

no tendré ninguna pena

y seré siempre feliz.

Tendré entonces mi casita

y una milpa y buenos bueyes

y seré como esos reyes

que no envidian ya nadita.

Con mi Dios y mi morena,

caña dulce y buen amor,

esta vida noble y buena

pasaré sin un rencor.

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