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Cornerstone Ventures India partners with Affluent Society

Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund (CSVP), an early-stage tech. VC fund investing in India, South-East Asia and US, announces a partnership today with Affluent Society, a global business, lifestyle and social media which is owned by Platinum Circle, the world's leading business group consisting of corporations with annual revenues exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organisations. CSVP is a current member of Platinum Circle's Global Assets and Wealth Initiative and its Community of over 1,800 private and public sector organizations.

CSVP serves as an expert voice on topics related to venture capital, startups and India market, and drives greater collaboration and cooperation between Indian entrepreneurs, early stage companies and Affluent Society as its official media. CSVP will also work with Affluent Society to engage private wealth on early growth stage technologies and investments in India

Managing Partners of CSVP Fund, Rajiv Vaishnav and Abhishek Prasad, will serve as contributors to Affluent Society, sharing insights, stories and news related to investing in technology startups with readers and followers. "We are excited to introduce India's venture capital and early stage investing topic to a broad, diverse and influential audience and invite our portfolio companies, customers and partners to engage the Affluent Society community," said Abhishek Prasad.

"We are delighted to support Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund as part of our engagement with India's venture capital and startup ecosystem. They are the torchbearers of future innovation and private wealth. Many successful entrepreneurs are affluent to ultra-high net worth individuals. There are over 10,000 tech startups in India, implying there are 2 to 3 tech startups born every day" said Ember Tan, Assistant Editor of Affluent Society. 

Lionel Lee, Advisor to Affluent Society added, "Affluent Society's active engagement of India's early stage companies and private wealth in our media and content together with Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund is central to their survival and growth. It is also critical to supporting women-led startups, engaging India's disadvantaged places and sharing India's innovation with the rest of the world".

About Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund (CSVP Fund): A VC fund investing primarily in early-stage technology startups that are developing innovations for both Consumer and Enterprise businesses. Led by a high-power team which brings decades of technology investing experience, having led venture activity in leading corporate groups such as Reliance Jio, IBM, NASSCOM, etc. The fund backs startups creating technology-led innovation and has already made investments in technologies across sectors including Retail & Ecommerce, Banking & Insurance, F&B, Logistics & Supply-chain, and Healthcare. The team is building a portfolio across the Indian, the South-East Asian, and the US innovation ecosystems, with a unique strategy of building innovation cohorts across a target portfolio of ~40 companies. Themes of interest include consumer-technology enablers (such as AI/ML platforms), vertical SaaS businesses for Enterprise, and deep-tech innovations in cloud-infrastructure, blockchain applications, nano-senor IoT, AR/VR, etc. Learn more at

About Affluent Society: Affluent Society is a global business, lifestyle and social media for people who already enjoy the finer things in life and those who aspire to the lifestyle. It delivers content, events, giveaways and promotions on its website that sync with the needs and interests of affluent to ultra high net worth consumers in their personal and work life. It also serves as a social media platform for users who want to share everyday news, stories, opinions, likes and dislikes with a wider audience in addition to their followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Affluent Society is a part of Platinum Circle, the world’s leading business group consisting of over 100,000 decision makers from 1,800 corporations each with annual revenues exceeding USD100m, governments and intergovernmental organisations. Read, Like, Follow, Share and Post at


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