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Bevie's Mood: The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand

By Beverly Grafton

Not the song you were expecting eh? You must've been thinking I'd be going on and on about that Andrew Lloyd Webber hit from the Broadway musical Cats. Well, nope. I had my heart set on good old Babs but not that Memory.

I rather fancy The Way We Were because it says so much with so little, just the way songs were supposed to work. I could get really deep into the lyrics but if I could just trouble you to take a listen to it and let it speak to you, I really don't need to say much. I believe, you will get it. And it really is such a beautifully written piece of music as well.

Have an amazing Friday, everybody and if you're not legless by the time you get home, remember to find something to smile about before you go to bed, even a simple memory. Now go forth and celebrate yourselves!


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