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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: Culture Vulture - Yuppie Odoh

By Beverly Grafton

Local Pioneers of Singapore's Music Scene: Culture Vulture - Yuppie Odoh

Welcome back to my weekly playlist, all you gorgeous people! Starting off the week right, I'm bringing you a super charged track to help you power through your Monday.

Out of all the songs I could've chosen from today's featured band, Culture Vulture, I decided on "Yuppie Odoh" for a major reason. I wanted to showcase exactly what I mean when I say these guys are multiracially talented. In the space of just ONE song, they've brought a little bit of all our major racial groups together and made it a relevant pop song of their time.

It's also very tastefully done. Just in the intro alone we have tablas, traditional carnatic singing, suona (唢呐), sitar, keyboard, drums and more that I probably haven't figured out simply because I'm enjoying the tune too much.

Traditional sounds but with an edgy rock pop feel coupled with the versatile vocals of their lead singer gives this song such a fresh appeal that is very reminiscent of the late 80s and 90s.

I think now is the time to take a break from work, crack open a refreshing soda and let the effervescence of Culture Vulture bring a little life to your otherwise heavy Monday!

Don't forget to check this space for Tuesday's featured band, Heritage!


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