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Bev's Mood: I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado

By Beverly Grafton

From time to time, when I sit in the office at my desk, I get a great view of the eagles that occasionally perch on top of my neighboring condos rooftop antennas. Just as I looked up into the bright blue sky, right before the start of the sunset, I saw one take to the skies and oh my, such majesty and grace as it soared towards its next destination. In that moment, I was mesmerized and it immediately formed a visual connection in my mind to the next chapter of my life.

Like a bird, I'm going to fly away, with the hopes of making a home together with my husband in HIS home country. To decide to leave all I have strenuously built here over the last 40 years, the familial connections, whether blood or love, the career connections, whether new or old, the milestones in my life represented by the landmarks on the familiar roads, it adds to many moments of heartbreak.

But the life I live right now is not authentic. The house is not mine, although it is very much a home. My marriage has not yet begun, not until we are finally living together under one roof. My days as a nomad have not yet ended. All that stands in my way is a simple approval. And I know it is coming.

That is when we will fly once more.

One more trip, of 3 flights, to deliver myself and my daughter into the eye of the hurricane that is the supposed land of the free. As they struggle once more to retain that title, I shall be thrust upon their shoulders, but I will not become a burden.

No. This Singapore girl will bring her heart and her home together, in the land where her family will take root.


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